Staying Connected: Video sermons, prayers and devotionals, weekly online Bible study

Since we can no longer be connected face to face, each week, we will be posting video of sermons and prayers. Stay tuned for yesterday’s sermon and prayers.

Weekly Bible Study

Topic: Zoom Bible Study Time: meets Wednesday at 7:00pm


Meeting ID: 345 920 8686 Password: 5TK95A


June 28, 2020 Online Service

June 21, 2020 Online Service

June 14, 2020 Online Service

June 7, 2020 Online Service

May 31, 2020 Online Service

May 24, 2020 Online service

May 17, 2020 Online Service

May 10, 2020 Online Service

May 3, 2020 Online Service

April 26, 2020 Online Service

April 19, 2020 Online Service

Easter Sunday Service

April 10 Good Friday Service

April 9 Holy Thursday worship

April 5 Palm Sunday Worship

March 18 Sermon and prayer

March 22 Worship

March 29 Worship

Worship Music to enjoy

Rebuilder by Carrollton

Is He Worthy

Choir “When I survey The Wondrous Cross”

Choir: “Love Filled the Cup”

Fire Within: Word Of God Speak

Fire Within: Pieces By Steffany Gretzinger

Pieces By Steffany Gretzinger Performed By Fire Within
Kingdom of Heaven By Jenny and Tyler Worship Music by Jacob Smith