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Our Staff

staff photo Melissa

Pastor Melissa is the Senior Pastor and has been at Aldersgate since 2017. She enjoys music, camping, crochet, and taking care of her horse Mystery. You may find her also tending to her bees at her home. Pastor Melissa has been in ministry for over 25 years. Her passion for preaching and teaching as well as her love for the community are a blessing to us.

Rev. Melissa Steinecker
Lead Pastor

Tamara is our administrative assistant and Certified Lay Minister. She has been serving in ministry for over 25 years. She is married to Shawn, they have been married for 31+ years. She has 3 beautiful girls and she is a grandmother of 7. She loves to create art, learning and being with her family.

Tamara Bennett
Administrative Assistant, Certified Lay Minister


Judy is our organist and pianist. She has been here faithfully serving in our music department since 2006 . She enjoys music, reading and her grandchildren and great grandchildren and her dog Kate.

Judy East
Organist, Accompanist

Jacob came to Aldersgate in 2014. He is currently our music director and choir and bell director. Jacob shares his musical talent in our praise band “Fire Within” as vocalist and bass/guitar player. Jacob enjoys video games, board games, is an avid tennis player, loves to bake and can play multiple instruments.

Jacob Smith
Worship Director

Becky Buchanan

Becky is an avid Ohio State fan and has been serving at Aldersgate since 2006. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles and playing Euchre. Her dogs are Molly and Bandit.

Becky Buchanan


Barb has been at Aldersgate since 2006 and serves as our Senior Ministries coordinator. Barb enjoys

Barbara Myers
Senior Ministries

Rebecca came to Aldersgate in 2020 and serves with our Senior Ministries and is also a Certified Lay Speaker. She enjoys reading and cooking and her dog Sashu.

Rebecca Grahowski
Senior Ministries, Certified Lay Minister

Miss Jennie joined the Precious People Staff in 2020 as director. She loves sugar gliders and teaching preschool.

Miss Jennie Matuska
Precious Preschool Director

Carla joined our staff in October 2021 and is passionate about building community by creating opportunities to gather together to learn and grow in faith and relationships. Carla has always loved organizing events, leading groups, and talking with others about faith. Carla is a mom to Spencer, works as a Speech Language Pathologist, and loves to come up with meaningful and creative ideas to help others in a variety of ways. 

Carla Hinde, Youth and Family Director